Ali Deloof: Sample Video Analysis

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This 4 part video is cut from a real client analysis. Techniq Group stroke expert, Ali Deloof takes us through a process for setting up and executing a great backstroke start - from set-up all the way to break out.

Part 1: Ali provides some tips on setting up your backstroke start

Part 2: A discussion of how to leave the block with the most power and some common errors in body line and entry.

Part 3: Dolphin Kicking!

Part 4: The Breakout

Ali Deloof: Professional Swimmer, World Record Breaker + Techniq Group Stroke Expert


Ali DeLoof

Video Analysis

Professional swimmer with Team Elite in San Diego.

4th place at 2016 USA Olympic Trials, 100 Ba

Five time medalists at FINA Short Course Worlds.

World Record breaker 4 x 50 SCM Medley Relay

American Record Holder 50 SCM Back

University of Michigan Swim Team (2012-2016). 2 Time NCAA All American, 2 Time All Big-Ten, Big-Ten Champ, 400 yd Free Relay.