Megan Livak

USA Triathlon World Team

“This was literally the best stroke analysis I have ever had. It was thorough and incredibly helpful!”

Kevin Weldon

Head Coach, Dayton Raiders

“Athletes, swimmers, triathletes who may not have access to proper coaching instruction on any consistent basis, “Techniq Group” is a fantastic alternative to receive feedback on your strokes…”

Domenico Sottile

US Masters 10 Top

Kyle Zelt

USA Triathlon World Team

Steven L- Northville, MI

The Techniq Group approach with integrating video feedback during and after training sessions is a significant differentiator. Jeff is highly skilled in breaking video down and providing constructive and upbeat coaching few are able to match. Our daughter has seen significant improvement and she is excited about the future opportunities in front of her as a result. Thank you, Jeff!

Emiko T- Livonia, MI

Masters Swimmer/ Triathlete

Thanks Techniq Group for providing a wonderful lesson and a great video analysis. I've never seen myself swimming, then was always wondering how my swim looks like.Just one look tells me all I needed. Video taping individual's swim, analyzing it and showing it to the swimmers are extremely useful ways to improve their swim. And that's what Technique group did for me.I really appreciated their work. Now I keep what I learned there in mind and enjoy swimming more than ever! Thanks Jeff and Zach.

Ryan S- Clinton, MI


I can't express how pleased I was with this entire process. Talking with Jeff and expressing some of our frustration with available resources in swim instruction there was mention of more offerings to the community with various points of instruction. This is something I will certainly be looking forward to and I would highly recommend it to anyone regardless of your current skill we all can improve. Thank you Technique Group, can't wait to see you again!

Kaitlin K- Aberdeen, NC

3 Time Ironman Finisher

I can’t express how valuable this is. I have completed three full ironman distances swimming like this, I had never before actually been taught to swim. Incredibly helpful.

David Pool- Tai Tam, Hong Kong

Head Coach, Hong Kong Island Stingrays

As a coach it was very helpful to see the feedback given to the athletes, many of the points we have been working on in training so it was nice for another coach to reinforce what I had been saying. It was also great opportunity for another set of eyes to pick up on small details that can be missed when you are working with the same athletes day in/day out.

Nathalie Kerrigan- Tai Tam, Hong Kong

High School Performance Swimmer, Hong Kong Island Stingrays

I thought the commentary was really easy to follow and it gave good constructive criticism. I also liked how it would rewind and play in slow motion because it made it easier to see what i needed to fix. I have been working on many of the problems during training and feel things are improving.

Shannon M- Flat Rock, MI

Educator, Club Coach, Triathlete

Jeff is a very dynamic coach that breaks down the elements of each stroke to help athletes understand proper technique. He is purposeful about the drill progression that he uses with swimmers and constantly gives productive feedback during lessons. His positive attitude and excitement on the pool deck is contagious and motivates his swimmers to excel

Teressa K- Bridgewater, NJ

Jeff Gross was my daughter’s first swim coach at the age of 10 years old. She swam with Jeff for 4 years and only stopped swimming with him because he spent some time in Hong Kong. She is now 19 and headed to 2020 Nationals and 2020 Summer Olympic Trials. Thank you Jeff for all you did to help Abbey be the best that she can be. When she first started out, we didn’t dream she could become so good. She was a very weak swimmer. Through your impressive coaching and mental motivation, you have been instrumental in getting her to where she is today.