The World's Most Famous Active Rest Set

An active rest training set in swimming is typically one where you mix longer, moderate efforts with race pace or sprinting. Today we sharing one of the most famous and recognizable active rest sets.

You would be hard pressed to find a coach who has not used this set, or a swimmer who has not come in contact with it. However, the internet is predictably unhelpful on nailing down the original designer of this set. Most indicators point to legendary Aussie Coach, Dennis Cotterell, however this set is often attributed to Bob Bowman (working on getting some clarification).

One of the best attributes of this set is that it is appropriate for most levels of training. Intervals can be flexed to your needs. Shoot for 10-15 seconds rest of the first round and add 5 seconds per round from there

Without further delay….

16 x 50 @0:45, every 4th rep FAST

12 x 50 @0:50, every 3rd rep FAST

8 x 50 @0:55, every 2nd rep FAST

4 x 50 @1:00 FAST

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Happy Swimming,

Jeff Gross

Founder, Techniq Group